Wednesday, December 12, 2012

day 12 - light string decor

Day 12 on the advent is decorate a room with a string of lights.

Actually Day 12 may have been sugar cookies but I keep swapping that card out and moving it to later in the month.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh. . . .

Sugar cookies, the annual colossally disastrous mess.


They voted for decorating the wreath outside over taping the lights in a christmas tree shape on the hallway wall.  They must be growing up.

She's always moving into the camera frame- my happy little blur.  :)

I did a ton of painting today.

Mostly ceilings, which aren't exciting, but very necessary.

Lots of prep and it still doesn't look amazing. 

For example I took this room from this:

to THIS!  *sarcasm font*

And here's the bathroom this morning. . .

and tonight! *sigh. . .

More tomorrow. We're counting down the days now!  8 left!  I need an advent calendar for the house, I think. :)


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  2. I think that looks like a lot of painting! But I know it gets discouraging. Love your Advent celebrations.