Saturday, December 8, 2012

favorite christmas inspiration

I've had so much fun blogging our advent stuff.

Tonight is short and sweet:

we bought Christmas candy.

I'm linking to my top two favorite decor/inspiration blogs.  If they're new to you, YAY, you will have so much fun!


Quite possibly my very favorite blogger.  Meg is hilarious and I love her style.

sara's art* house

Love love love Sara's ideas and crafting.  She doesn't have a lot of Christmas stuff up this year but if you go to her archives for 2011 - oh my, talk about inspiration. :)  So fun.  I found Sara's blog because she went to college with Deeann.  .  . wow. . . I feel like I sorta know someone famous.  {sort of.}

And then. . . if you need refocusing. . . which I always do. . . be sure to see what Ann Voskamp has up. . . I haven't even had time to read anything on her site for the last couple months, but I follow her on FB and her quotes have been so good. 

I hope you find time tomorrow to worship Jesus. . . and to risk community with other believers.

Happy weekend. . .

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  1. OH MY WORD!!!!! I am so encouraged and happy that you linked to my blog and said those kind words!!!!!!!!! Deeann put a link on my fb wall to this post. You are so sweet! I sorta feel like no one even comes to my blog anymore because I don't keep up with it as much as I used to. THANK YOU For your encouragement!!! That makes me want to keep on. And I have your blog in my google reader and I read almost all your posts and had missed this one (thanks Deeann for pointing it out to me :) :)