Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Most Expensive Free Chair. Ever.

I contemplated writing a nice long post about this chair and the way I found it as part of my therapy. But I decided to forgo the therapeutic story and just simply state the facts.

Last Monday I worked hard all morning.

I saved.

I re-purposed.

I made banana bread out of two lonely ripe bananas instead of lazily throwing them out.

I re-seasoned my cast iron.

I cleaned.

I looked out my freshly Windex-ed front window at about 2 pm and saw two girls out junking, just like I used to do during the last week of April pre kids.

The temptation was too great.

I loaded the kids into the van with books (for mobile-naptime).

We went.

I found this amazing chair. I parked.
It had great lines.
I could see past the duct tape and yucky varnish.
I loved it.
I loaded it.
I got back in the van.
I looked over my shoulder and s l o w l y eased out of my parallel parking spot. . . into grinding metal.
Yep, I hit a car.


Of course it was all in extremely slow motion, so the damage was very minor and the elderly-swearing-like-a-sailor lady only got her front parking light knocked out; after a friendly chat with insurance agents, it will be repaired and good as new.

My van door, on the other hand, is a sadder story. It doesn't look so hot. I thought about taking a picture and posting it here, but the frustration is still far too fresh.

So my free chair:

After I calmed down and the urge to kick things had passed, I painted the chair (black, of course) and re-covered the seat using an old linen dress that already had cool seams. I incorporated those lines into the seat and it looks pretty cool.
I wish I could look at the chair without thinking about the stupid scrape/crash/bump/*accident*/*wreck*/*catastrophe*.
Maybe someday.

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