Thursday, June 13, 2013

wednesday. . .no, thursday?

My events are going to blur together this week. 

Who knows what happened on which day?

definitely not me


I think I remember

waayyyy back this morning. . .

taking the kids to butt in on a Ycamp tour of MFD.  I am ashamed to admit that I've never actually watched Daniel do pub ed and today is the very first day I've ever met Freddy. 

Eli loved every minute.  :)

 I gave the kids really strict instructions that today Dad was their teacher and not their dad.

So no stories (I invented this hypothetical illustration)  about say, your bike-

Cambria interrupts:  MOmoom but I fell off my bike this morning and I wanted to tell him!

That, my dear, was exactly my point.

Then there were swimming lessons and lunch and my mother in law came to my house to watch the kids so I could work here:

Who puts carpet in kitchens?  Who puts carpet anywhere?  *hardwood flooring plug*

Oh I can work fast when I'm trying to squeeze the kidless time for all its worth.  I finished painting the kitchen today, wiping cupboards, cleaned the stove, used half a bottle of windex on a small percentage of the windows I need to clean. . .  then moved upstairs to this little gem of a bedroom:

These people must have thought aqua looked restful.

Anyway, we didn't plan on keeping that color so after supper, more paint buying, friends over for lemonade and Aldi's lemon cakes (no picture of that) . . .

I went back tonight and painted until midnight.  Ahh it's not looking so aqua!  It's coming!  The Aqua Oasis is the last room to paint!

I can't even explain how much I love doing this. . . the yuckier the better.  It is soooo fun to make order out of utter chaos and the ugly beautiful.  I think I enjoy it even more because of the stage of life I'm in, where nothing seems finished and it's so rewarding to do something tangible that stays done!


  1. How Fun! Are we going to get to see before and AFTER photos?

  2. I can't wait to see this house when your done with it!! You go!!!