Tuesday, June 11, 2013

june is. . . licorice for dinner

While eating licorice for dinner at 11:45 I thought I should throw a few lines up here for the record of my kids existence and the two people left reading my neglected blog. (Hi Mom.  Hi Grandma.)
Licorice.  Yep.  Anyway.

Swimming Lessons. . . they started today.  Long awaited, much loved by JD & Cambria.  One more big kid activity for poor Eli.  We put a donut on his little bear to get him used to the idea of flotation devices.  It will be a long summer for an 18 month going on 21 year old. 

Things I notice about this picture:

Why is Cambria kissing for the camera?  Huh?  A bit premature?

JD looks caffeinated.  He's not.

Eli is still bald.

I'm not drinking the spray can there, I'm returning it to Walmart.  Hard to apply a popcorn ceiling patch if the nozzle is broken off the can before you even start.  Oh, Walmart. 

The green headband was inherited by me free, left by some hapless house guest that I can't track down.  They knew it was my favorite color and left it as a hostess gift, probably. Anyway I realized as I uploaded pics off of my camera that the green headband is in almost every photo of me.  One good reason for this is that it hides the paint in my hair that I was unable to remove. . . you'd hate to look grey at the young age of 31, y'know.

Yeah and my cute earrings?  Pretty sure they looked less cute as I left Walmart with one behind, probably in the animal cracker aisle.  It's kind of an ominous feeling wondering how many people I talked to with just one hoop in.  Hopefully only a few. I feel like I may have contributed to a People of Walmart photo. 

 Isn't that banner cute?  I made it on a peaceful summer morning  I made it while Cambria was upstairs wailing that she had to make her bed which in turn woke Eli up and I ground my teeth while pinning my banner up thinking that Kari Jobe song:

Wish it could be easy
Why is life so messy
Anyway,  the picture doesn't have audio so I had to supply a mental soundtrack just to give
And then we got kinda crazy and decided we wanted to rehab another house just for the fun of it, you know, just because we can't get enough of deadlines and pepto-bismol-pink bedrooms:

And of course you wouldn't want to forget the lovely paneling.

This is me + the green headband and minus my kids. . . sent them to my mother in law's for three days so I could paint like a crazy lady.  I am saying ahhhhhhhhh here.  Translated: We are truly crazy. 

In other news look at the super cute firefighter I have at my house: Oh.my.word I could just eat him up.  When he isn't rising at the crack of dawn anyway. 

Speaking of which, dawn comes early around this place.

ZZZZzzzzzz.  more later


  1. You write the funnest, real life posts Hayley! Love reading your blog. It always gives me a laugh! lol So anyway, its not just your mom and grandma reading this blog. ;)Betsy Castleberry

  2. I second that. Its not just your mom and grandma. I always check up on your blog to see what is going on! Love your posts...they always make me laugh too.

  3. I third it -- I keep checking back for your posts too! You make me laugh, and smile, and realize that maybe, I'm not the only one in this muddle of motherhood!


  4. Licorice for lunch? Are you crazy? Why wait so long? When summer started we had Twizzlers for breakfast. Love your parenting style. Reminds me of someone I know...:0

    Am also painting and also have hair gray in my hair that was dripped, not grown. Love getitng projects done when school is over.

    Have a blessed summer!

  5. And I check up on your blog when I have a spare minute in my crazy boy life!! Three boys and summer equals lots of water, mud, laundry, dirty floors, food, and more food and swimming lessons starting next week!! I love how you write- keep it up!! And I'm waiting to hear about Africa ;) but I know how it is....