Sunday, August 5, 2012

top 10 from this week

Top Ten Highlights from my week.

1.  Running out of Drugtown* with a loaf of bread for pb & j and running into Janice, who works for MFD; she gave me this to replay all.week.long: "Hey you look like you've lost weight! You look great!"  I love you Janice!!

*PS Drugtown refers to a drugstore.  My family always freaks out when I say that I ran to Drugtown.  They think we could come up with a less-ominous sounding name.  It's true, we could.

2. Vying for second place is the Robin Mark worship concert we were able to go to share in. I am always so overwhelmed by the way his music moves his listeners to worship Jesus.  Definite favorite from this concert was the song that follows.  Daniel reached over and squeezed my shoulder hard as Robin Mark sang about some only stay for a brief passing moment; and my whole soul just bursts as I listen to all the claims of Jesus that I believe.  Awe-inspiring worship. 

The concert had some funny moments involving some flag-waving audience members (you gotta love us Christians and our semi-weird sub-cultures) that had us googling Tim Hawkins when we got home. If it weren't for the sheer logistical impossibility, I would think that the worship javelin part came directly from Thursday night.

*and for those wondering. . . I'm from that genre of people who need the hand raising lessons, so this is hysterical to me.  I just.can' hands from my sides.

3. Three whole days with Aunt E, Kamie & Blake.  We crammed a ton of sister/cousin time in!

4. Last Love & Respect class.  Totally teared up listening to each one share what God has taught them.  Super special summer group.

5. Witnessing the awesomeness that is Loren. . . seriously, she has to steal all the fun mom awards.  Jace's bd party: Drive in movie theater (they built each child a car out of boxes) in the back yard. So so so cute.  She even gave them dollar bills  for concessions.  Mmm. . . our kids are so blessed to have Pastor Jake and Loren in their lives. 

6. Reading this hilariously funny book on parenting. 

It's very very secular but I am fascinated by how many Biblical principles are woven throughout the book; God so knows what He's doing.  Pamela Druckerman is a gifted writer and I feel like I get to visit Paris in between the rest of the things I have going on this week.

7. We got our Chick-Fil-A on:

oh yeah.

8. I'm sorry, but this whole chalkboard paint thing. . . is this to 2012 what orange shag carpet was to 1972? I can't change. I love it. I want it everywhere.

9.  And doesn't this just look like something worth blowing your diet for?!

I saw it on pinterest last week and just had to try it out. I don't make cakes- they always flop for me- but this one looked worth risking failure again.  I even had to go buy layer cake pans.  Anyway, the Domestic Rebel's (what kind of name is that, anyway?) recipe was way too complicated, and though I'm not a domestic rebel, I shortened this up a lot. 

Yellow cake mix, according to package directions + stir in one pkg. vanilla pudding

Bake in two round layer cake pans.


Mix cookie dough filling:

1 stick butter
1/2 c. brown sugar
1 t. vanilla
1 c. flour
3 T. milk
1/2 c. mini chocolate chips

*{this is the topping for Deeann's infamous cookie dough brownies- credit where credit is due}

I pressed the cookie dough into waxed paper lined round cake pan and then flopped it on top of layer #1, topped with layer #2 and then frosted.


1 can cream cheese frosting
3 T. brown sugar
2 T. flour
1/4 cup mini chocolate chips, for sprinkling

Mix well and spread onto cake. Top with chocolate chips.

So I think this will be good.  Each individual component has been delish, but I haven't sampled a whole piece yet.  It's chilling in the fridge, waiting for Sunday dinner. 

10. Totally rocked my school planning prep. There's this little thing called Form A that you have to fill out and turn into your school district as well as each students course of study for the year.  It's a little daunting but since I planned everything in APRIL  it took me about ten minutes to do the paperwork.  I am not bragging.  It is not bragging when a normally disorganized person has a small moment of organizational triumph. You just sort of bask in it, feeling calm and wondering if this is the way organized people feel all the time.  You do this until something clatters out of the cupboard because you stuffed it there (while you were planning the school stuff in April).

Happy Weekend!


  1. Is it awful that it makes me happy to hear u shove stuff in cupboards? I always thunk u seem to organized ...a trait I do not possess. Whew. Maybe I am not the only one. :)

  2. we just went to a Robin Mark concert last week. I didn't see you there, but maybe you live in my town.;) We loved it, too! And I'm learning to raise those hands to the Father!

    Now to go fill out and send in my forms.;(