Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sweet Corn & Aunt E

Well at the begging of my children, I stopped at a stand and bought sweet corn tonight.

Cambria:  '"Mom, pllleeeeese can we get sour corn.  Or whatever it's called."

It is roasting hot here; they didn't care.  I thought a dozen would be enough for us since Daniel is gone, but . . . Eli and I had to share one ear.

Apparently we're fans of corn.

*   *   *

Super special treat in the works for you. . . my sister  (known as Aunt E around here) is posting on how she ended up having a home birth. 

Edith's beautiful and funny and lives on a farm with her farmer husband, Bronz and their two little farm babies, Kamie and Blake.

I think her life is like a happy Tim McGraw song.  She's got her big white farmhouse and her gravel road and cherry tree across the driveway, tractors and cows and a hardworking man who loves her.

And she's super brave.

Find out more later.  :)

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