Wednesday, July 18, 2012

bath(f)room talks

{after the ladies room. . .}

***TMI ahead, proceed with caution.

So I do believe that I fry my brain cells on a daily basis with these conversations. 

Sometimes they drive me to Web MD, sometimes to tears, sometimes to laughter.

Cambria: I can't go to the baffroom, it feels like a pin.

What the what?

Jacob: Cambria, you may be constipated. {This is a classic Jacob comment}

Cambria proceeds to conversationally chat about her lack of bathroom progress throughout the day.

I suggest drinking water, my cure all for everything from scratches to smashed toes.

At about 4 pm, we are in Barnes and Noble, headed to baby Blake's shower and after a two hour drive and McD's sweet tea, I  need the restroom. 

If you would have been in B&N ladies powder room, you would have heard the following:

Mom, wow, I never thought about this, you hafta have Eli with you when you go to the bathfroom!  Wow that's just really hard! 

{you have no idea my dear}

Me: Well, moms do hard things sometimes.

Cambria: Wow, Mom I'm going to the bathfroom!  Wow! 

Me:  That's good.

Cambria:  Well I had been noticing all day that I couldn't go to the bathfroom, and now I can!! *spoken with the same inflection and intensity you might imagine in a child announcing a trip to Disney*

Me: Good, Cambria, that's great.

Cambria:  Mom, isn't it nice that we can have our own, private word, just between you and me, for p**p, it's  go-to-da-bathfoom.  That's our own word so that we're polite.

Me:  Yes, that is so nice.  {oh i do love euphemisms. . . }


  1. Hilarious! I'm a water fixes anything Mom, too.!!!!!! I thought I was the only one. It's my famous line for biting your mouth at supper and every headache and bellyache, too!

  2. I am so wishing someday to have kids like yours... I love that you share all the funny, weird and silly things they say!! =)