Saturday, January 22, 2011

shelf makeover

I found this shelf. . .

somewhere. . .

on some street.

{. . .being thrown away. . .}

I painted it and put it on top of an antiqued dresser rescued from Daniel's grandpa.

{It was in his garage. . . being thrown away. . .}

{Thrown away + rescued by me = free home decor.  Love it!}

It needed something on the back, so I cut out fabric that I liked {at that time} and

glued the pieces to the back of the shelf.

It was okay.

Kind of vanilla.

My attention span with my house really lasts about three months per project, so I'm surprised

that the vanilla roses have been here for two years.

Goodbye vanilla roses!!!

Loving my $2.99 wrapping paper {Hallmark} makeover!


  1. Wow what a difference! Love it!

  2. Way better than the roses! Good job!

  3. The change has made it so much brighter!

  4. Fabulous. Of course I would expect no less from you... :)

    I really need you to come to my house. :) I have kitchen cupboards that are simply horrible. I want to paint them - but haven't a clue how to do it and have it actually turn out good. I also have a coffee table - nice solid oak, but had been painted dark green on top - that I know could be cute, it I only knew what to do.

    You must come some time and help me out. ;)

  5. I like it! Great work! You are so thrifty. Luke informed me yesterday that we need to be more thrifty--I could use some lessons! lol