Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Entertainment and Relaxation Mommy-Style

Girls Night.

{The last time I did a girls night out? Oh. . . . it was a long, long time ago. And movies? On the big screen?! In March for Shopaholic. And before that? Mmmmm. . . .I can hardly remember. It was too long ago.}

We wanted to see this: Well, sorry, it only showed once today, at 1pm.

Hmm, let's see if we can find another theater showing it.

Three of us, over by the phone booth phone book, texting husbands to see if they could come up with another theater showing something other than Saw 6, suddenly realized that something that would be annoying for the average movie goer really didn't bother us at all. A long delay? No prob. No one was complaining about hunger or potty trips! It was kind of frightening to realize that we were having a lot of fun doing. . . really, nothing. We ended up shopping at Target until the late showing of this:

which was very funny. It feels good to laugh. Especially with girlfriends.

Now for another cup of coffee to jolt me back to the reality of my mommy-job. {Which I always enjoy a lot more after a little break.}

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