Wednesday, March 27, 2013

kindness umbrella (art project)

This was an art project we worked on today. 
Kind words shield people's hearts from life's storms.
The kids told me kind and unkind words and I wrote as fast as I could. 
you're a crybaby
you always stink
you're not amazing
you don't drive well
you cry too much
don't touch me
you're very mean to my mom
you're not organized
you don't let me say a word
your doll is not cute
you never give me a backrub
your food tastes gross
i don't like what you're wearing
i don't like your snack
you're a horrible cook
you're dumb
hurry up
it's mine
you're freaking stupid
you're fat
your bed is so messy
i don't like the smell of your gum
{these rolled off quickly}
i'll make your bed
i love you
you're smart
your life has meaning
you're good
you look nice today
you're good
you're generous
you're so cool
you have excellent handwriting
you're good at lots of things
God cares about you. 
i'll have you come over to my house
come here
you're good at doing things
i like you
you're sweet
i care about you
i will try to protect you
i love you
i will love you forever.
I want to choose the kind words.

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