Sunday, September 16, 2012

tempatation is a yellow school bus

[Cambria and one of her friends]
Was it only a week ago that I was with Daniel celebrating nine years of marriage?

Um. . . no, that was a lifetime ago. 
Whew!  What a week. 
Did my last post really say I feel very very ready to start on Monday?
ha ha ha ha ha ha.  (I'm not really laughing.)
It's still a privilege, but I am stretched and pulled in so many directions and I am trying to wear the mom hat and the wife hat and the momma-to-toddler hat and the teacher hat too. 
To be honest, I like the teacher hat.  That part is really fun and extremely rewarding.  The kicker is that I have to be the parent too.  The option of sending a note home to the parents is not available. 
(Although - I could email Daniel. . . hmmm. . .)
So we had tears this week and we had frustration;  we also had some pretty high highs.
The main high point makes me feel a little dumb to report-  because I can't believe I didn't realize it sooner -  but my little kindergartner can read!  I was so shocked and proud of her!  I will never forget those shrieking giggles as she read through four little readers in one sitting.  I can read it, Mom! 

If I said it once this week I said it one hundred times. . .

Nothing worth doing is easy.  Things that have value must be earned.  School is not going to be easy. 

And when temptation to choose the seemingly easier road shows itself in the form of the rumbling yellow school bus, then I need to heed my own advice: 

It's not going to be easy.

Is anything about parenting easy?

No, I don't think so, no matter your chosen style of education.

Things {and people} of value take time.


  1. Amen! nothing worth doing is easy....
    ..and I love teaching too. It's just being the domestics coordinator, the mom, the wife, the chef, the P.E. teacher.....and all the rest that wear me out!
    Love that cute Kindergartener that can read. My first grader is completely amazing at how effortlessly she's learning to read! it's so fun!