Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thanks Dave!

I always call my van our Dave Ramsey van. . . and every time Daniel hears me say that he says, "No, when I pay cash for my 2500 HD Chevy Crew Cab, that will be my Dave Ramsey vehicle."

Well, his Dave Ramsey truck is sitting in our driveway and there are two pretty happy boys at this house.

{And if Jacob looks a little groggy, it's because he is. . . he woke up to see his daddy's new ride.}

My new friend Jess and I had a spray painting day yesterday. . . my projects were the ugly metal folding chairs.  I haven't taken a picture yet of what I did with them but I think they are super cute and I need about seven more.  Ugly folding chairs anyone???
On a cold and rainy Saturday my kids and Loren's do a double take as they pass a {real} umm. . . REAL??? Ronald McDonald?  I love their body language in this photo.  They are so shocked.

However, they warmed up quickly and soon became quite chatty, even informing Ronald that they were homeschooled. . . (love how they can work that into any conversation at the most random times).

Coming tomorrow: 

Metal folding chair reveal.


  1. Spray painting sounds interesting on those metal chairs. Would love to see how they turned out.

    And I'd be equally shocked if McDonald just started walking/talking!

  2. haha! I call our 91 Toyota Previa (van) our Dave Ramsey van! No payment! I will be over the moon when I can pay cash for something I actually like! Way to go! You guys should be proud! :)

  3. Can't wait!!!

    And a big woo-hoo on the Dave Ramsey truck!!! Awesome.

  4. both are Dave vehicles in different senses of the word! The best thing is that you dont have payments and that's awesome! Glad he loves his new truck!

    Hopefully I can put up my finished pictures soon. I'm still racking my brain to think of how I'm going to do the lamp shade.