Thursday, March 10, 2011

oh the things my kids say. . .

Cambria drew a picture of me last week. . .

It's really frightful.  My hair is sticking out all over my head (but my eyes are green- correct color) and I oddly only have a head and stick legs.  I asked what the strange loop in one ear was:

"Oh, Mom, that's your earring.  You don't have one in the other ear because you losted it."

Well, it's true that no one has ever accused me of being organized; lost earrings are pretty much the way I roll.

JD at the breakfast table this morning: {out of the blue} "How do babies come out?"

I stall.  "How do you think they come out?"

*Shrugs* "Cut 'em out."

Oh I wish I would have had C-Sections. . . they're so much easier to explain. . .

Briefly I inform him.  Matter of fact is the way to go on these things.

"So if you have to push the baby out do you have to push it in?"

Why is Daniel always at work during these conversations?

Cambria to me: "Mom, please write vitamins on yoah list on the fridge. It's im-po-tant not to foah-get things foah yoah kids."

JD:  "Mom, I love you." 

Me: (teary) "Ohhh. . . . Jacob. . . I love you too.  Thaaaaaaank you, buddy."

Daniel: "Hey, what about me?"

JD: "Daaaaad. . . of course I love YOU.{implied} "Dad, you hung the moon- you know that- let's just throw a few crumbs of affection to Mom for a minute, here."

Cambria, observing Jacob weeping over his math workbook:  "When I do school I won't cry!" Totally self righteous as she blissfully uses markers and art supplies, {fun stuff} free as a breeze.

Jacob: *blubbering* *pile of kleenex next to math page* "Oh I bet you will cry, Cambria. . . [sob] I bet you will!"

JD to Daniel: *conversationally* "Dad, I know you're almost thirty but you look like you're forty."

Cambria, worried that we will run out of oatmeal, her all-time fave breakfast: "When we run out of that one in the cupboard I will *re-wind* you to get more." Do ya think she meant remind?

We weren't planning on using this pictures for our annual Christmas greeting so I thought we could put them here.

Ha ha ha!


  1. Can't.stop.laughing...

    {It all sounds oh-so-familiar}

  2. Needed a giggle today. Thanks! They're adorable.

  3. Hey there! I've been a reader of yours for a while now and just had to say that this post was SO cute. You've got some great kids. :)

  4. LOVE THIS POST!! (oops, didn't meant to have the caps lock on-I'll thank my son for that one). I needed a little laugh today, thank you for providing it :). I can only image what my son will say when he starts talking...but alas, all we say now is Kitty-Cat ;)

  5. hilarious. I just love what they come up with. Love the pics too.

  6. your cute kids say the sweetest, funniest, cutest things!! =D Darling!
    I love the one where he said his dad looked 40. (poor Dad!)

  7. your kids are so sweet;) so brutally honest sometimes, eh;)

    my niece told me this last week-end, that i must be pregnant because I was getting FAT! ;) help, and here i was hoping I was losing weight!!!