Thursday, September 16, 2010

things i did today

I didn't do my hair today.


I did clean and clean and clean.

I did take a picture of my bathroom but this isn't a photography blog, so it didn't look as good as in real life plus the flash made fingerprints show up on the mirrors that I thought were really clean. Sigh.

I did answer the door this morning at 7 to a neighbor who wanted Daniel to come help her move her dad. He's at work. Well, could I call him? He's on duty, ma'am. Did I have a phone? Yes. . .{retrieve phone} Now could I call him? Ma'am, he can't personally respond to you. You need to go through the channel of dispatch, and he may run this call, but you have to go through dispatch. After convincing her that she needed to call 911, I shut the door and laughed. She was so convinced that he would leave work to come help them. Those firefighters, always going beyond the call of duty. Back to my coffee.

I did make three meals. One meal involved pouring fake rice shaped pieces of high fructose corn syrup and malt flavoring into bowls with milk, but hey -

I have not been home at all this summer. It shows. I am forcing myself to kick it into gear and maybe some of the old Hayley will come wandering back.

I found a new favorite food blog. Check out Framed. . . you will drool for sure. I have some of these Coffee Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffins assembled on the kitchen counter for breakfast. . . I will update you in the morning to see if my version (dark chocolate + hazelnuts) is any good.

I hung a bunch of pictures and rearranged furniture. This particular self help method, without fail, makes me really happy.

Jacob Daniel finished his math book today. As soon as I get done here I will be ordering more of these books from Amazon. K-learning is going waaaaay better this week. {In case anyone besides me cares about that}

And just to keep myself accountable, here is a raw, untouched photo of the guestroom that needs to be cleared out by tomorrow night.

We took these little strawberry "shmarshshmellow" yummies to Miss Clare tonight. . .

Don't you wish we would have missed your birthday by a month?

Oh, wait, we probably did.


  1. I loved reading your post! I know you as a person have not changed but I couldn't wait until I got to see this side of you again. I miss reading your about your new projects, recipes and decor and wishing I were more like you ;) You go girl! I hope you feel accomplished today and I hope you find joy in all that you did.

  2. I agree completely with Jen - nice to see you emerging again!

  3. Okay, so you already left me on a "lolipop stick kick" after the cute way you used them at the shower, but now I'm even MORE excited!!! Tell me please, is the box/base wrapped foam, or an opened topped box, or...? ADORABLE!

  4. I looove lollipop sticks! All inspiration for that is from Bakerella. She's amazing.

    I had a piece of floral foam left from another project and I just cut it with a sharp knife - it fit perfectly onto those little plates we used. I wrapped it like a gift in the same napkins we used, too, and used two straight pins & some Scotch tape to secure it. I've wrapped the floral foam in tissue before, too.

    Have fun!

  5. I do that fake rice high fructose bit sometimes too and it is nice to know that I am in really good company. I love you!!!!